Welcome To The Take Charge Mobile Resources And EV News

Welcome To The Take Charge Mobile Resources And EV News

Welcome To The Take Charge Mobile
Take Charge Mobile Resources and EV News

Take Charge Mobile brings the charging station to the people!  We offer emergency roadside EV charging  via our nifty mobile app; currently serving the Greater Austin, TX Area.

Emergency Roadside EV Charging

Run out of charge and stranded? No problem! Send an SOS via the TakeCharge Mobile App and we will dispatch a TakeCharge EV charging vehicle to your location!

Take Charge Mobile - EV Charging Austin, TX

Roadside Spare Tire Service (Currently Teslas Only)

In addition to roadside charging assistance, we are introducing a Spare Tire Service (currently for Teslas only) We want to be able to offer our EV drivers a complete , turn-key emergency solution and a little peace of mind.

Take Charge Mobile - Emergency Roadside EV Charging Austin, TX

We Are Your EV Ambulance

The EV Market is growing with no solution to assist in case of an EV roadside emergency until now! TakeCharge Mobile is dedicated to delivering EV drivers a little piece of mind.

For Emergency Roadside EV Charging

1. First step is to download the TakeCharge Mobile app from either Apple or Android stores and create an account.

2. Initiate Geolocation SOS

Following the downloading of the app and creating an account,  simply hit the SOS button and your location will immediately be sent to a  friendly TakeCharge technician who will then come to your location to get you charged and back on the road!


Real-Time Notifications

After Geolocation SOS is initiated, you will receive real-time notifications updating you of the status of your SOS.

Instant Messaging

Additionally, once connected with your dispatched technician, Instant Messaging is turned on to allow instant communication with your Take Charge Tech.