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Lyte – $9.99/mo – Includes up to 4 incidents per year. Maximum charge 7kWh. Coverage hours are 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday to Friday.

Pro-$19.99/mo – Includes up to 5 incidents per year. Maximum charge of 10 kWh. Coverage Hours 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM Sunday – Sunday.

Elite – $29.95/mo – Includes up to 6 incidents per year. Maximum charge of 14 kWh. Coverage hours 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM Sunday – Sunday.

For an additional $4.99/mo charge, Lyte and Pro Subscribers can add spare tire coverage to their subscription. It’s included with the Elite subscription level. When a subscriber experiences a flat tire, they open the app, hit the SOS button and select the Tire Service option The Take Charge Mobile system will notify the nearest support vehicle of your request and location.

Upon arrival the field service technician will remove the flat tire (following the manufacturers guidelines) and replace it with a TCM loaner spare wheel/tire. The field service technician will place the damaged wheel/tire in the subscriber’s vehicle. The subscriber has 72 hours to replace their damaged tire and plan for TCM to retrieve our spare wheel/tire. TCM will put a $400 hold on the subscriber’s account payment method. Once the TCM wheel/tire is retrieved undamaged, we will release the hold. If the wheel/tire are not returned within the 72 hours and the subscriber is not trying to return it, we reserve the right to process the $400 hold as payment for the wheel/tire.

TCM field service technicians are trained on the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper charging to ensure safety for the subscriber as well as themselves. In addition to charging training, each TCM field service technician is trained on proper tire-changing procedures per manufacturer guidelines.

Download the Take Charge Mobile app and enter your zip code into the current coverage area for support coverage. Our goal is to expand quickly so check back often.

Yes, we have Fleet charging solutions to meet most EV fleet needs. Contact TCM to discuss your needs and provide a solution.

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